Thursday, 4 December 2014

Jeremy Rifkin The Third Industrial Revolution

What can we do to support this work? I am in UK and as yet we do not have a Third Industrial Revolution (TIR) project running. Italy has Rome and France has Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

TIR has the possibility to unite many sections of the population. The Trade Union Climate Change Group has put out a publication calling for a million climate jobs which has a very similar plan to TIR. Those who protest at the increasing inequality between rich and poor generally see big business as antagonistic to their demands. Environmentalists blame polluting corporations for having profit as their priority. How can we help these groups to see that TIR is expressing their interests?

As Rifkin points out in his latest book there is no guarantee that the international community will wake up before Climate Change kicks in to an irreversible feedback loop. It is urgent that we do our part to bring these ideas to all sections. If you have suggestions or would like to take part in an active way please contact me at