Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Talk with Dalai Lama about Reinventing Organisations


Iceland crowd-sourced a new constitution

In 2012, by a 2/3ds vote, the Icelandic people told its parliament to enact a constitution "based on" a constitution a citizen council had drafted. Four years later, they have done nothing. Help us show the politicians who they work for.

Iceland crowd sources a new constitution

'Constitutionalising does not stop after a certain point, but ought to continue as a fundamental part of social and political activity.'

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Profound wisdom concerning the grief journey we all must take to reach our essential joy.


In this week’s episode, Carolyn Baker speaks with Joanna about: understanding the context of the latest American election; Standing Rock, example of sacred activism; inner and outer activism; the safe circle; the five gates of grief; return to radical joy; the shadow magnet of our time; reconnection is a two-way street; we must resist the possibility of a 21st century fascism; the way of developing resilience