Monday, 5 September 2011

My First Blog Post

This is me introducing myself to whoever is interested.

Why do I want to do this? This is a time when we human beings are at the forefront of change, that is a conscious change in the way we live and the way we relate to each other, our earth, and the universe. So it is important that we get clear about what we want to see happening, and express it in a way that others can comment on, or criticise, which helps me to develop and clarify my ideas.

What will I include in this blog? Any experience I have that seems significant in the wider order of things, videos, poems, thoughts, feelings. book reviews

What do I mean by the 'wider order of things'?  Linking my personal experience with a more unified perspective, which sees every human being contributing to a new phase in the evolution of humanity, towards a more cooperative, just and sustainable way of life, in which people find joy in being in charge of their own activities.

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