Tuesday, 24 April 2012


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Reply Posted by anna at Apr 23, 2012 01:51 PM
However 'sucessful' Mayday may be it does not seem to be leading anywhere constructive. It may end in riots and clashes with police, which it seems is what Occupy is planning for, which may incur really brutal repression. To what end?

The persistence in protesting to the government and begging it to change its values feels uninspiring and a dead end. It galvanises anger and resentment, and places us as impotent victims. All of these feelings are undeniably real, but they do not serve us in any fruitful way. They also leave us completely in the hands of the big corporations, on whom we depend for our daily needs. If and when the crash comes and it could be any time, we will be totally unprepared for managing from our own resources.

I think instead we should be making alliances with Permaculture, Transition Towns, and any land based projects, and seriously considering how to build the alternative structures we will need to survive the coming difficult times.

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