Sunday, 15 July 2012

Hearts in Healthcare - an inspirational movement to re-humanize healthcare

From Anna Betz

When Dr.Robin Youngson promised to 'mess' with our minds at the introduction to his seminar in London I became curious how that fitted with who he was: A deeply compassionate and caring physician.
What happened during the 3 hours of sharing his experiences as a medical practitioner was  that the approx. 120 people present in the room became  fully present to themselves, their hopes and ideals that inspired their choice of profession in the first place. We shared some extraordinary and joyful moments from our work as health professionals. Different practitioners came forward to talk about some extraordinary experiences that touched them so deeply that it shifted their understanding of who they were as people and as health professionals. In every case both the patient and the practitioner grew in understanding and compassion which improved the quality of care.
Robin connected us powerfully to our own internal resources not through a technique or a philosophical idea but through his own authenticity and trustworthiness. His stories and the ones he encouraged us to share, strengthened that part of our brain thats about positivity, optimism, hope, love and empathy. His presence and living example became a healing influence for everyone in the room.
In this video clip we watched  nurses, doctors, therapists and patients share their thoughts on the importance of compassionate, whole person care and how we can work together to create a worldwide movement to transform healthcare.
Robin  skillfully weaved together the moral component of healthcare, science, personal experience and motivation, moral courage, interpersonal neurobiology, leadership, communities of practice, social movement making,  empathy and compassion.
His bottom-up approach called 'Hearts in Healthcare' demonstrates that change of the whole system of healthcare starts with those of us who have re-connected with the heart of healthcare practice and thus find our own flourishing, wellbeing and happiness in our work.
Networks both locally and globally begin to flourish when we share stories and ideas, inspire each other and learn and share new practices. Once enough people value this kind of exchange, collaboration and networking, the ground will be fertile for building Communities of Practice (CoPs) of like minded individuals around themes we feel passionate about.
He believes that Communities of Practice (CoP) are the real engine of change where progress in compassionate caring will happen and from where it will spread by linking such communities together across the world.
Once CoPs across the world link together something really interesting is bound to happen: The new practices will become the norm. The tipping point will be reached when CoPs have attracted a critical mass which he believes will be 15% of the healthcare system.
I left the inspiring evening with the decision that bringing mindfulness, heart and compassion to work will be my new norm and I will actively look for like-minded colleagues to build a Community of Practice within the NHS.
Lets connect the dots within ourselves to become whole and lets connect the dots locally and globally to build mindful and compassionate institutions. Lets make a choice to love work and work with love in our hearts.
As many studies have shown Compassionate Caring saves time and leads to better outcomes. The secret of quality is LOVE. This is why the moral component of the NHS needs revising.

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