Wednesday, 22 August 2012

New groups West Yorkshire

Is there another way?

Weekly open participative workshops provide a space to explore together our concerns for what is happening in our world, and in our own lives.

·        Natural resources are being consumed faster than they can be replaced
·        Soils degraded by artificial herbicides and pesticides
·        Rivers polluted, seas choked by plastic waste
·        Economy which works for the benefit of a small minority
·        A widening gap between rich and poor.

Will these unsustainable systems leave an intolerable legacy for our children? Can we see the possibility of a different way of living, one more caring for people and in tune with the natural world?

Many inspiring thinkers see this time as an opportunity to co-create a different future, with evidence of a new consciousness breaking through old patterns. How can we support these changes in ourselves to bring about a more resilient future?

If you would like to join us please contact
 Anna on 07954345550 email :

Workshops are free
Donations welcomed

Leeds, Tuesdays 3-5
Swarthmore Education Centre
Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS31AD

Hebden Bridge, Mondays 10-12
Contact Anna for address

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