Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Notes to a friend after meeting.

First - know that you are whole, that what appears to be lack or absence is the universe calling you to  discover your wholeness. That universe is inside you, as my teacher Prem Rawat said "What you are looking for is within inside of you".

Our needs are the parts of our self wanting to be re-united with each other into one whole. But they were never really separated. The key is not to fight the feelings that are indicating something is wrong. That's hard since it is usually because we are in pain that we think something is wrong. And of course something is wrong but not the feeling we are trying to rid ourselves of. If we stay with the feeling it is my experience that it will take us to where we need to go, to some shift or some insight that will bring us closer to who we really are. It means braving the pain and making a supreme effort to stay with it, without rationalising it away.

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