Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Call for May Global Action

I was at the conference in Sheffield, and have taken part in some of the discussions re the days of action in May.

What Angel writes is significant. 'The 15May is going to be an important date. It will not be only a protest. It will be something else. Something can start that day, as people are getting ready for a change.'
 The image I have is of a tide turning, at the moment we are on the incoming tide, and most of what we are aware of is the friction, as we meet the out going tide, - the spray, the pull of the water, resistance. But there is something larger than us surging, and if we can open ourselves to it, we would see that it's the same water, no different. That is what is underlying this whole movement, a realisation that we are one big family, not in some gushy way, but that is the reality of our interdependence. It is what binds us to eachother and to the earth.

For me that is the message of the May actions, not protest but WELCOME! This is the time to cross the barriers that separate us and surge together. If we tune in to this deeper meaning there is an opportunity to really unite and start to build the world we all long for, to bring it into being by being the change. This means each of us working on ourselves as well as collectively, listening carefully to the impulse of rEvolution within and without.



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