Sunday, 1 January 2012

My response to:- *How the People Got Their Groove Back: What a Bunch of Farmers Can Teach a Bunch of Occupiers About How to Keep on Going* By Ashley Sanders

Some valuable points. She's great on talking about her own experiences in the camps. Comes over with integrity and self-awareness. But when she turns that into a should, other people should do what she did she becomes preachy and didactic. My respose - You wanna plan? - go make a plan. Don't tell others to do it. And she lost me with so many isms.
Also totally disagree that the entire point is to win. With winners there are always losers. There are no losers in this game. Winning and losing is so last year, and such a masculine mindset. The new game is the realisation that we re all one. No-one is left out of that. Fighting and enemy are not words I want to see used in this movement. Non -violence also means in words. Challenging power and government is more about understanding that I maintain it by my allegiance, I give it power. Once I really understand that I am free, I have a choice, I can move my energy to where it is going to be the most effective, and that is in building the alternative. Engaging in politics is in my view a waste of time - ok if you want to do it, but not for me. At the end I just wanted to yell - get off your soapbox!

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