Sunday, 8 January 2012

What is leadership? Can a leaderless movement survive?

Leadership is not a position, it is a process in which we all participate. At times we are leaders, at others followers, at times we teach, at others learn. The best is to be able to do both simultaneously, so that whatever view we hold we are open to seeing another, or the opposite as having something to contribute. This is a completely different mindset from having to find the ‘correct’ answer to a problem. Combining different ages in education gives children the experience of learning and teaching, and thus avoids the hierarchy being set with the teacher exclusively at the top. Same applies within the family. Parents can share decisions with their children rather than seeing themselves as solely in charge.

What we are looking for now is not just some improvements to our living conditions but a fundamental transformation of our relationships with eachother and the planet we live on, a transformation where sharing arises naturally because we see that we are all part of one family, where feeling our togetherness is more important than efficiency or getting it right. Nourishing that simple enjoyment of bonding with one another does not rate very high in assessment of GDP, yet it forms the foundation of our lives. Our ability to see the value of each unique individual, and for each individual to appreciate their own unique contribution is what true democracy is about. When that happens leadership is something we can all share.

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